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Stage #3 Booster Seat
According to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation, the Booster Seat Legislation could be effective fall 2005 with the following booster seat use requirements:
  • 18 kg to 36 kg (40 to 80 lb.)
  • Standing height of less than 145 cm (4 ft. 9 inches)
  • Up to the age of 8 years.
Booster Seats
Research shows that the booster seat stage is the most ignored and misunderstood stage of safe passenger travel for children. Many parents and caregivers mistakenly believe that once a child is “too big” or “too old” for a forward –facing child seat, they are safe when restrained only by the vehicle’s seat belt system.
Seat belts are designed for adults and older, larger children. Another misunderstanding is that a booster seat is suitable for use by younger children instead of a forward-facing child seat. These misconceptions have resulted in children receiving severe injuries especially to the abdominal area and spine, because children are too small for seat belts. Booster seats correct the ‘fit’ of lap and shoulder belts and help to avoid injuries. These injuries occur when the lap belt is up on the abdomen instead of on the hip bones.
Some booster seats on the market today have an upper weight limit of 40 kg (100 lb). It is important to follow the label and use the booster only for the recommended weight and height set by the manufacturer.

A child should use a booster seat if he or she cannot sit comfortably all the way against the vehicle seat back, if the knees cannot bend comfortably over the vehicle seat, or the shoulder strap of the seat belt crosses the face or neck.
When using a booster seat, make sure that your child's head is supported by the top of the booster or the vehicle seat, the shoulder strap crosses between your child's shoulder and neck (not the face), and the lap belt crosses low over the hips (not the stomach). Do not use seat belt adjusters.
High back and no back boosters should be used with lap/shoulder belt combinations. Abdominal shield boosters should be used with lap-only belts. Note: Abdominal shield boosters are no longer being manufactured.
High Back Booster No Back Booster

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